Anonymouz – Thrill

Anonymouz 20歳を迎える2021年5月21日に、
「Anonymouz 1st Special Live ~Daybreak~」開催決定!

Anonymouz “Thrill” Available Worldwide
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Anonymouz (アノニムーズ) – 名前のない女の子。

On a day like no other.A 19-year-old girl suddenly finds herself nameless.In despair and disappointment in the depth of despair, she had begun her journey to find her “true name” Anonymouz”- a girl with no name. In hopes to find her “true name”, she sings on her songs.

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【Music Video Crew】
Directed by Higa Hisato David Liao
Director of Photography by Minemura Hiroyuki
Gaffed by Hamada Hirotsugu
Camera Assisted by Mitoma Takeaki
Best Boy by Tokoyoda Kai
Best Girl by Suzuki Saiko
Styling by Shuichiro Hisashi
Hair & Make-up by Katsuki Chichii
Hair & Make-up Assisted by Shunsuke Murakami
Cast: Rin / Honey
Produced by Hayato Chaudhry
Production Manager: Fukada Yumiko

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