Last Goodnight – Sam Milby

Listen and watch the Music Video of “Last Goodnight” by Sam Milby from the Movie “Love Lockdown”.

Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Manalo
Published by Star Songs
Music Arrangement by Paulo Zarate
Drums by Michael Alba
Guitars by Gabriel Tagadatad
Additional Electronic Elements by Kidwolf
Mixed and Mastered by Dante Tañedo at Bellhaus Recording Studio
Produced by Jonathan Manalo

Last Goodnight

This can’t be our last goodnight, please don’t bid & say goodbye. Found and lost your love tonight, almost had you in my life.

I’ve fallen so deep, I’ve never felt this complete. Fast paced, light speed,

I fell then you leave.

Chorus: This can’t be our last good night, happened in a speed of light. You came fast and left me broken. Alone I’m frightened for I know that I just lost it all. The Love I fell for had me fall, oo ohh oohh.

This can’t be our last good night (You are worth the fight).

We almost had it all tonight, I almost had you in my life. You are like my kryptonite, with all my love girl I surrender. To you I fell so deep, you’re my pain & remedy. Frozen, drowning, without you I feel so incomplete.

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