THE PINBALLS「悪魔は隣のテーブルに」(Acoustic Ver.)

2020.9.16 Release
Acoustic Self Cover Album『Dress up』
COCP-41235 ¥2,200+tax

01. 欠ける月ワンダーランド
02. 299792458
03. 毒蛇のロックンロール
04. 沈んだ塔
05. way of 春風
06. DUSK
07. 悪魔は隣のテーブルに
08. アダムの肋骨
09. 劇場支配人のテーマ
10. ワンダーソング
11. あなたが眠る惑星

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THE PINBALLS is a four-piece rock band formed in Saitama, Japan in 2006.
Takayuki Furukawa(Vo) / Tomohiro Nakaya(Gt) / Hirotaka Morishita(Ba) / Takashi Ishihara(Dr)

The band has performed at countless music festivals including SUMMER SONIC and cultivated fan base in the rock scene.
In 2015, they wrote an ED theme song of “”NINJA SLAYER FROM ANIMATION – episode 3″” called “”Gekijo-Shihainin no Theme “”(There is no business like Gekijo business) and the song created a big buzz.
THE PINBALLS’ movie-like songs and wild performances cause their rock sound uniquely evolved like endemic species in the islands far away from continents.
The band made its major debut with a mini album “”NUMBER SEVEN”” in December 2017, and their 1st major full album “”Chronos’ Rib”” was released in November 2018,
They keep moving forward energetically.


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